By Daniel Čelan.

I try to bring something new to the NFT market with deep meaning behind the art.

My name is Daniel, 34 years old, from Croatia. My vast experience in design started 15 years ago, when I was in my teens. Since then I designed billboards, marketing campaigns, banners for goverment organizations and over twenty companies around Europe.

Naturally, I also did my own designs that started with music album art (since I'm also a musician). My art was always a mix of weird abstract comic-book style and humor or horror text over it. I enjoy creating and decided to try out in NFT market early 2022 by creating Genesis Society on

Since then, my popularity skyrocketet and I have become a strong member of CDC family, on site and on Discord. I also holded few official projects as a buyer and often participated in discussions on Twitter.Genesis Society started with ORIGINALS collection, and by the end of 2022 I run total of 4 different daily or weekly art mints. Few of the mints where featured on different sites and blogs, with total volume of over 6.000$.My profile on CDC has over 20.000 views with 2.700 likes and over 300 members.

Learn more about the collections.

Each one is different and special to me, and each one has a different meaning.


Collection that started it all, since 02.04.2022 and is still going today. Minted every few days, with new ideas, new design, new animations. Every NFT is custom made and unique. I often do giveaways to holders and mint prices are the cheapest on the marketplace!


I started making REBELS in June 2022. Total hours spent on the project is around 350, give or take. Collection has 12 bodies in total, or main characters. 9 are common, 1 is rare, 1 is legendary and 1 is called ''The Final Rebel''. There's total of 250 faces made for the project, over 80 backgrounds, 150 drawings and sunbursts. Each NFT is animated in VHS-style, with rare having color spectrum over it and is in b/w.


I love colletible cards and glitched, VHS-like animation. So this is a very special project that I will keep close to heart always. It's started as an idea to have video animations, in color, with b/w collectible card in style of Original Collection. The end result is very unique and interesting art.


Features a zombie hand holding an eye with drip effect. It's always animated, HQ GIF format. There are 3 seasons, now the project has entered it's final season. Holders received free legendary NFT's and CRO rewards, over 500 CRO was distributed in the first 2 seasons.

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Earn crypto rewards, merch, custom NFT's, participate in giveaways and much, much more. Discord members enjoy discount on Etsy shop too - where you can find all my merch and digital downloads. Visit the links below to find out more!

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